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Traditional Canarian Barbecue
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Óscar tells you

Canarian Sancocho of my Mother

Sancocho every Friday of Easter in the kitchens of our homes in Gran Canaria. Typical Canarian dish and one of the most representative of the
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Óscar Hernández García
CEO and Founder
Gastro Gran Canaria

Gastro Gran Canaria is a gastronomic tourism company that bases its activity by tasting the different products of the canarian gastronomy, through excursions and gastronomic events in different towns of the island.

In addition, the company directly combine these excursions and gastronomic events with the contact with the nature, culture and towns of Gran Canaria.

Our main goal is to make our clients enjoy, see and connect directly with the inhabitants of the island and their way of living through our company and what it offers.